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Introducing Wakeout for family and teams!

Today we’re gifting everyone with an active subscription 5 additional subscriptions for free. It’s our way of helping families stay active while staying safe at home.

You don’t have to be connected under a “Family Sharing” plan. It’s simply a link you send to a friend or family member, they tap it, and—like magic—they’re added to your plan.

This also applies to new plans and reinitiated plans. If you sign up or restart your subscription you’ll get the additional seats for free.


Today we’re also introducing affordable team plans. If you’re a business owner or manager, you can hook your team up with Wakeout so they can stay active at home in fun ways. Just post your company’s link on your teams Slack or wherever, and anyone that clicks it will join the plan. It’s that easy!

Team plans are in beta, so there aren’t any fancy dashboards or leaderboards. At this point, we’re open to suggestions on how to make the team plans better. Please reply to this email and let us know!


We’re committed to making our new stay-at-home life healthier and more active. The quarantine (either voluntary or mandatory) is taking on a toll on people. We’re hoping Wakeout can make it more bearable and little bit more fun.

Please reply to this email and let us know how else we can help you have a more active and fun time at home.

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🔥 Fun new stuff

Apple Watch, Health Kit and a free app!

Hi! I’m Pedro Wunderlich, co-founder of Wakeout, Furious Five and Pomogo. Thanks for being a subscriber! Today I have some exciting news to share.

Better workouts the new Apple Watch App

Today we’re launching our first-ever Apple Watch app, starting with Furious Five. With your Apple Watch, you can control your workout, see your progress and record your burned calories. It makes working out much more fun because you don’t have to walk over to your phone after each exercise.

We’ll be bringing the Apple Watch experience to Wakeout in the new future, too!

🔥Update or download Furious Five

Health App Integration for all our apps

Wakeout, PomoGO and Furious Five now have integration with Apple’s Health App. For now, we’re logging all your exercises and burned calories (hey, they add up!). We’ll be making this feature more sophisticated as needed. Let us know what else you’d like to log.

PomoGO is free for a limited time

If you haven’t tried our Pomodoro productivity app, this is the best time to give it a go. It combines the pomodoro technique with active Wakeout breaks between work sessions to stay awake and engaged at work.

If you download it today, you’ll have it free for life.

🍅 Download PomoGO

What’s next

  • Apple Watch App for Wakeout

  • A “morning feature” for Wakeout

  • Dozens of new routines for Furious Five

  • And working hard on our new To Do list app Drag. A preview coming soon!

Have an awesome rest of the week!

Pedro Wunderlich (Twitter)

Fitness and Productivity

Building things we're passionate about

For the past two years we’ve been working to help thousands of people be more active. We’re so passionate about it that we’ve launched two fitness apps, Wakeout and Furious Five.

In the process of building and iterating on these apps, we’ve handled thousands of tasks. Managing such a massive workload demanded new organization techniques. With our productivity system we were able to ship up to 6 updates per month!

New productivity app

It now made sense for us to build a task management app.

The core of our task management system is speed. Speed is important when you need to organize yourself as fast as you can think. And speed means we need to build an app that’s simple and extremely powerful at the same time.

Get first access, plus your first year free

Many of you have been with us since the beginning of Wakeout. To thank you, we’d like to invite you to get our new task management app, Drag, before everyone else. Additionally, once we launch, you’ll get a whole year for free.

Sign up to our early-access program here:

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Thank you for being a subscriber,

Pedro Wunderlich


🔥 New year, new app!

Work out smarter in 2020!

Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber!

Happy 2020 to all! Today we’re pre-launching a new exercise app:

Furious Five, effective 5-minute routines that get your fit.

We teamed up with top athletes to design hundreds of challenging exercises and routines. These routines hit hard quickly, making even experienced athletes sweat and burn in just 5 minutes.

🎁 Get three months of Furious Five for free

Just reply to this email and tell me what your fitness goals are for 2020. I’ll send you a code that will activate Furious Five for 90 days for free.

A token of my appreciation for being a Wakeout subscriber.

Furious Five

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¡Have a furious 2020! 😎

Pedro Wunderlich

🧠 Exercise makes you smarter

👋 Hello Wakeout friends! I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thank you for being a subscriber.

PHEW! A lot has happened over the past week:

First, we launched a major new feature, Active Workday, a new take on the Pomodoro Timer where we combine exercise with work. It’s getting awesome comments from many of you:

“I mainly use it when sitting in the couch watching tv and I set the timer in the app to remind me to exercise every 35 minutes.” said one AppStore review.

Second, we started a blog on all these awesome topics. It’s a simple, straightforward repository of information about mental and physical health for life and work.

From now on, we’ll keep our newsletters brief, with just the juiciest highlights featured here.

Third, we’re now working on 7-minute and 5-minute routines. We might release it as its own app, but still working out the details. More on this soon.

👇 Today’s issue we share some awesome findings on one of the least discussed benefits of exercise—it makes you smarter (in a way). Check it out below.

🧠 Exercise makes you smarter

It’s been proven in several studies that being physically active lets your brain perform better in a variety of tasks. And not just a little better. We’re talking huge leaps in performance. Be it memory, problem-solving or complex ideation, regular exercise is the best brain booster there is…

7 and 5-Minute Exercises

We’re now in the planning stages of a major new feature that many have asked for, longer routines. Wakeouts are great, but they’re designed to give you boosts of energy and not designed specifically to get you fit. With the new longer routines, we’re combining our signature fun exercises with longer routines to make you sweat, lose weight and feel great.

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