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Wakeout Issue #37 Summary

🎉 Today we’re launching Active Workday, a new way to work were you combine physical activity with focused work. You’ll be more productive, but avoid the devastating effects of being so sedentary at work. Download it now! (or just update Wakeout)

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💀 Sitting all day is devastating for your health. Regular exercise doesn’t neglect the ill effects of sitting all day. That’s why we created Active Workday, to combat workplace inactivity.

Read below about the terrible effects of sitting all day, and the benefits of frequent active breaks. 👇

Have healthier and more productive days

Sitting is the new smoking

Our bodies are evolved for physically activity. Unfortunately, modern life has forced us to adopt an unnatural lifestyle of extreme inactivity.

When sitting for too long, our internal systems that keep us alive slow down to the point where we burn just 1 calorie per minute. Our body starts to melt down. Our arteries contract, and oxygen and blood flow is thus reduced. This leads to a dramatic drop in brain and muscle function.

So we become fatigued from sitting too long. We don’t just feel tired to exercise, however. We feel tired to do other meaningful activities after work, like play with our children, engage in a hobby, or read a book. Since our body’s adrenaline systems are on sleep mode after sitting for so long, you now lack the oomph to do anything.

The new active way to work

It’s not about breaking a sweat at work, it’s about moving a little, often. It’s about keeping your body energized and awake. It’s about improving blood flow and sending invigorating oxygen to your brain to keep you creative and productive.

…it’s about fighting the devastating effects of workplace sedentarism.

The idea is simple:

  1. Focus intensely on your next task

  2. Take a quick active break

  3. Get back to work (or take a longer break if needed)

During focus sessions, work on a single task. We recommend focus sessions of 30 minutes, but the idea is that you find what works for you (we strongly advise against focus sessions longer than 90 minutes). After each focus session, do a little exercise, then another focus session:

Active Workday makes it easy by notifying you when each focus timer is over. Then the timer ends, you’ll be given a random exercise from a selection of over 400 fun desk exercises we call “Wakeouts” (workouts to wake up). It takes 30 seconds to do one but through your workday, you’ll end up doing a dozen or so of these.

The benefits of using a focus timer with active breaks

· Short focus sessions force you to break down tasks into manageable chunks.

· Focused work keeps stress at bay by letting your mind tackle one problem at a time.

· Focused work sessions are more productive because they eliminate distractions.

· Frequent breaks prevents burnout and reduces stress by letting your mind rest and recoup.

· Staying active makes you more productive by enhancing blood flow and breathing, sending vital oxygen to your brain. A more oxygenated brain functions better.

· Physical activity is a powerful stress reducer.

· Staying active keeps your body awake and energized, preventing sitting-related fatigue. This means you generally feel more energized.

Active Workday combines fun, short exercises you do right at your desk with a proven time management technique that makes you more productive. By sprinkling physical activity into your workday, you’re staying healthy and increasing your productivity at the same time.

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