💊 The antidote to stress

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Wakeout Newsletter #36 Summary:

⚡️ Last week we launched a major update with a new interface and over 400 new exercises, crossing the 1,000 exercise milestone. Download it for free if you haven’t yet.

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💊 This week we talk about a new methodology for managing and ultimately getting rid of stress. Then we share a Wakeout routine you can do right at your desk that will help destroy stress.

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💊 The antidote to stress

Stress is like poison—once it’s in your veins, you’ll need the antidote or you’re doomed.

If you’ve become cranky, irrational, reactive and defensive, you might be stress-poisoned! Your vision will start blurring, you’ll breathe quickly, your body will start shaking. Every part of your rational self will fall apart. (Not to mention other long-term effects if you don’t seek a cure quickly).

Luckily for you, we’ve discovered an antidote that gets to work quickly and effectively. Ever time.

The causes of stress are varied, but it’s generally related to the sensation of loss of control or uncertainty. Whether you’re taking on too much at once, or feel inadequate for the task at hand, or don’t know how to proceed, stress creeps in when you feel like things are beyond your current ability.

So here are the ingredients so you can cook up the antidote at home or work:

✋ Stop

👀 Change perspective

✍️ Organize

💨 Breathe

🚶‍♂️ Move


Stress is a storm you best not try and sail through. Instead, stop to do a little self-observation. Find the causes of your current predicament.

Change perspective.

Shine a different light on your situation. Look at the situation from an angle from which you feel you can overcome. Understand that you can design how you experience the world.


Break things down into manageable chunks. Write stuff down instead of holding everything in your head. You will regain a sense of control once you see everything in front of you.


Take 5 long, deep breaths. It’s a proven method to reduce stress quickly, calm you down and fuel your body with delicious oxygen.


Exercise is one of the most powerful stress relievers. Here’s a 90-second Wakeout routine designed to get your blood pumping just enough to leave you relatively stress-free, ready to re-engage.