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Are you taking care of your hands? Between 7% - 16% of people suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Below we’ve included a free hand exercise you can do right now, and a little info about why you should be mindful of your hands and fingers.

Wishing you a healthy, active week!

Pedro Wunderlich (Co-founder, twitter)

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Imagine this: we’re social creatures, but most of our communication today is done with our fingers!

Every day as a species we type about 200 billion emails, another 200 billion messages across all chat apps, 500 million tweets and a few billion text messages. Every. Day.

It’s not surprising that hand and finger illnesses like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are on the rise. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and illnesses like it, are what doctors call “repetitive motion disorders.” We spend our days clicking, typing and tapping, dramatically increasing our chances of getting inflamed nerves in our hands. Hand and finger maladies can severely affect your ability to be productive. So it’s important you take care of your hands a few times per day.

What we recommend

Take a couple of minutes every day to do a few hand exercises. Wakeout includes 44 exercises under the “work, relaxing” category, but if you’re not subscribed, worry not! Doing the three exercises above once or twice per day might help keep the stiff hands away (we can’t guarantee that, as there are many other factors at play here!).

Our fingers and hands are our primary communication tools these days. Keeping them in optimal health is essential. Make a mental note to stretch your fingers and wrists every day before you eat lunch or dinner. ⚡️