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For the past two years we’ve been working to help thousands of people be more active. We’re so passionate about it that we’ve launched two fitness apps, Wakeout and Furious Five.

In the process of building and iterating on these apps, we’ve handled thousands of tasks. Managing such a massive workload demanded new organization techniques. With our productivity system we were able to ship up to 6 updates per month!

New productivity app

It now made sense for us to build a task management app.

The core of our task management system is speed. Speed is important when you need to organize yourself as fast as you can think. And speed means we need to build an app that’s simple and extremely powerful at the same time.

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Many of you have been with us since the beginning of Wakeout. To thank you, we’d like to invite you to get our new task management app, Drag, before everyone else. Additionally, once we launch, you’ll get a whole year for free.

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