⚡️ 1,000+ exercises out today

💪 Hi, I’m Pedro Wunderlich, designer and co-founder of Wakeout. Thanks for being a subscriber.

We did it! We finally passed the 1,000+ Wakeout milestone! I couldn’t be more proud of my team and of all our customers who’ve supported us through this journey of helping millions be more active. Thank you! 🙏

Starting now, you can update your Wakeout to get the major facelift and all the new exercises. We went a little overboard with this update, which is packed with new content for the workplace and the home.

👉 Update Wakeout Now

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Full preview below 👇

New Interface to browse all the new stuff easier

It’s now easier to browse all the fun Wakeouts that we have on offer. Large dynamic previews of the exercises are loaded every time you open Wakeout, so you can get an idea of what each location is about.

Wakeout is now organized into four broad location categories: home, workplace, travel and outdoor.

The main view now also shows a counter how many exercises and routines you’ve completed from each Wakeout pack. It’s a great way to see which location you’re doing most.

It feel amazing and we think you’ll love it.

New Desk Wakeouts

We understand that you can’t always stand up and jump around at the office. Sometimes you just want to get active from your chair. We’ve added 112 Wakeouts and routines that are done exclusively from a sitting position. They’re fun, energetic and will help you stay well-oxygenated through the workday.

New Standing Wakeouts

Sitting down all day is terrible for you. We’ve now added 84 Wakeouts and routines that will activate your entire body in fun ways. Pick up your chair, move around, jump around and squat. For the more active of you, we think you’ll love these!

New Kitchen Wakeouts

I know what you’re thinking: “who works out in the kitchen?” You’d be surprised how often we’ve received requests for this location. And it makes sense! While you’re heating something in the microwave, or have chicken in the oven, people get a ton of downtime in the kitchen to get active. We love these and we think you will too!

New Living Room Wakeouts

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and Wakeout! Am I right guys?! Trust me when I tell you you’ve never felt so comfortable working out. Do these when you’ve been relaxing on the couch for too long and need to keep your body from completely melting down.

⚡️💪 Have fun staying active, and thank you for your continued support!